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What kind of adversity did you face when you got married at a young age? (18 if I counted correctly, right?) How did you handle unsupportive people or comments? Or did you not get any of those?


Yep 18.. And I got statuses about me on Facebook, I got all sorts of people talking down… But now look at us; almost a year and a half married. To a lot of people it may not seem like a lot but in my opinion, I feel nobody can last this long in a marriage now a days. I think my generation and the next are doomed because a lot of people just like to mess around and never grow up.

I’ve had my MIL message us the day AFTER our wedding calling us pieces of shit and wishing karma on us. & I’m not sure if we will ever forgive her for that.

Honestly, I ignore it for the most part… If I’m happy that’s all that matters to me.

You need to learn to shut up because you’re just digging yourself a bigger and bigger hole every time you speak.

Hahaha people are fucking weird. There was no point for her being a douche. You rock <3


Haha thank girl… I guess people are miserable and try to hate on others.

LMAO LMAO LMAO. Go to my pageeeeeee 😂😂😁😁😁😂



Omg! I just saw that… Wacko status right there! 😂😂


*sigh*… Okay, lol. Here I am. Don’t reblog things if you’re not prepared for what you’ll get in your inbox. My comment wasn’t really stupid, lol. If you want to go there, we can. If anything, it MIGHT indicate poor taste in humor on my part, especially since I don’t know you. I’m sorry you’re sexually frustrated and bitchy since your husband’s not there.. but it’ll get better. I promise.


Lmfao that’s not at ALL the problem. Maybe if you gave in something to make it a joke. It was stupid, sorry if me and others laughing at your poor joke and saying you just be stupid offended you…it was stupid.

And I just checked your blog.. You put your number on it because you’re horny? Ok. 😂 you’re just a weirdo. Bye 👋


I hate going to sleep without you next to me but I love going to sleep happy because of you & being one day closer to having you next to me again ❤

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Lol.. It was a joke.


Lmao I wish you weren’t anon.. Whatta lame joke.

lol I guess they meant it as an insult but it was just hilarious.. 😂 people are stupid


It really was.. I don’t know how it’s an insult? Do they want them to be pointy all the god damn time? Lmfao. I can’t deal with stupidity.

Lol how can nipples be flat? 😂😂


That’s what I’m sayinnn’ 😂. That person is just STUPID

I refuse to be nice to people who don’t deserve it.

Whether we’re on good terms, bad terms, so-so terms, okay terms, whatever the term may be. 



My nipples or boobs? They are two different things…. But that’s a new one .. 😂😂😂😂

I wish I knew who this was because I would love to laugh at an actual person for sounding SO stupid instead of an anon. 

I can’t wait for my husband to get home. When he gets home it means&#160;:
We get to be together again.
We get to get new phones and new numbers, yet again. 
We get to have a fresh start again.
We get to start a new journey together again.
We get to try for a baby in January 2015, that&#8217;s the plan. 
And much more; but that&#8217;s for me to write on my other blog &lt;3 Less than 175 days&#8230; More than 30% done.
your relationship with your husband is the only relationship you've ever been in?


I mean, I’ve had middle school relationships and stuff but I don’t count those lol. My husband and I have been together since ninth grade; next month makes five years.